Security Apex & Pent Shed
Security Apex & Pent
Security Apex & Pent
Security Apex & Pent
Security Apex & Pent
Security Apex & Pent
Shaws for Sheds

Security Apex & Pent

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This Security is a good sized, pre-treated shed that can be ordered with pent or apex roof, and comes with 5 different door position options. It has security features such as small glazed security windows, bolted hinges & padbolt protector. Extra Options are available below. The price includes assembley on your site (within a 50mile radius of Glossop SK13) however you will need to construct your base before we arrive, instructions below.

Size Price Apex
Price Pent
4' x 4' £550 £620
6' x 4' £640
6' x 5' £710 £760
7' x 5' £775 £820
6' x 6' £815 £885
8' x 6' £850 £925
10' x 6' £1035 £1090
12' x 6' £1200 £1320
8' x 8' £1135 £1240
10' x 8' £1300 £1365
12' x 8' £1510 £1560

Standard Features
  • Security bolted hinges
  • Security padbolt protector
  • 2"x 2" fully framed door
  • Glazed security windows with cill
  • 5 different door positions
  • Diagonal braces

Extra Options Available

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  • Ribbed barge boards
  • Heavy duty framing
  • Acrylic safety glass
  • Heavy duty floorboards
  • Acrylic safety glass
  • 4' or 5' double security doors
  • Log lap cladding

Sizes from: 1.22m x 1.22m (4x4) up to 3.66m x 2.44m (12x8)

Apex eaves height: 1870mm

Apex ridge height:

  • 4' 2180mm
  • 5' 2255mm
  • 6' 2355mm
  • 7' 2415mm
  • 8' 2480mm

Pent eaves height: 1930mm

Pent ridge height: 2140mm

Windows: On any apex and pent shed the quantity of windows would vary depending on door position and door size. Both apex and pent models can be supplied with no windows. All doors hung right hand unless specified.

Please note: All sizes in this catalogue are approximate unless specified.

Base Preparation

When buying any garden building, it is necessary to construct a base for your building to be erected onto. This does not need to be elaborate as long as it is level and firm.

This can be done by:

Slabbed Base
If using concrete slabs then sand would need to be laid down first onto firm ground. The slabs would then need to be bedded into the sand making sure that they are laid level.

Floor Bearers
These are tanalised treated timber of 3 x 3, which would be laid under the building in the opposite direction to the floor joist. This enables a building to be lifted off the ground so it is away from any surface water and allows air underneath your building.

About Shaws for Sheds

Shaws for Shedswas set up in the year 2000 and is a family run business. We pride ourselves on quality and care on every product made and have a wide variety of buildings listed in this brochure to suit all needs, whether it's for storing or general everyday use. However, if you don't find what you are looking for, we can also look to manufacture a building to a customer's own requirements.

All our products are manufactured using quality material and all staff are fully qualified in the making of garden buildings.

All our buildings (excluding Tanalised) are pre-treated in a water based solution; however we recommend that you treat them again immediately after erection and annually thereafter. As wood is a natural product some expansion and shrinkage can occur. This is not something we can prevent.

We also use a polyester felt which is a better product than the standard shed felt; however, this does not guarantee we can prevent any damages due to adverse weather conditions.

To ensure all products are fulfilling customers needs, we are constantly reviewing our models and prices and reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

How to Order

After you fill out our shed order form, we will contact you to go over details before a deposit is taken. A 15% deposit of the final value will be required prior to delivery. An invoice from Hartleys Garden Centre Glossop will be emailed to you with payment instruction. The remaining balance will be due to Shaws for Sheds upon delivery/asssembley. If you would like more information please contact us on 01457 854455.